A Membership Program to Build Brand Authority with Podcasting

You know the only way to grow your business is by building trust with your customers.

But there's a problem...

  • Ad Campaigns Are Eating Up Your Budget
  • Your Content Strategies Have Fallen Flat
  • No One Is Paying Attention
  • Old Marketing Tactics Aren't Working
  • You Don't Have A Plan
  • Big Brands Are Overshadowing You

The Podpreneur Membership Program has everything you need to build brand authority with podcasting. And for a fraction of the cost of other courses.

How You can Build podpreneur Authority


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With the plan he gave me, I knew exactly what to do.

Without Chris, I wouldn't have had the confidence to pull off my podcast. There is absolutely no reason to try and figure out a model on our own when there are people you can make an investment with and cut directly to getting the results I need. With the plan he gave me I knew exactly what to do and I could immediately execute. That momentum has been crucial to my success.

DAN GEYER // Film Director and Podcaster

How can you and your business thrive in today's economy? Answer: Attention.

Attention to build trust.

Attention to grow an audience.

Attention to make sales, nurture relationships with loyal customers and live a better life.

This is a special time for entrepreneurs because the attention you need to grow your business has been made possible with podcasts and here is how...

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A Note from Podpreneur Founder Chris List

I always wanted to start an online business...

In fact, I did... several times.

The deeper I got, the more I realized I didn't have the experience, finances or even passion to pull any of those businesses off. 

I was a world Champion quitter.

The entire time I was searching for that great idea that would make me rich, I was missing the one thing I really needed to succeed.


The spirit of the entrepreneur has always been a part of me,

I knew that I wanted to be independent, and be driven by purpose but I had no idea how...

Then I started a podcast. Not to teach, but to learn...

You see, podcasts open doors.

They opens doors to a endless well of information that you need and want at that very moment.

I realized, me sitting there, learning from passionate and driven experts, that I was building knowledge, tools, opinions and a voice.

Soon I was the expert,

I had the authority, and I had the trust.

Not just with my listeners but my colleagues and in my personal life.

Podcasting gave me a voice,

and since then I've never looked back.

Q: How can I use podcasting to better myself, build relationships, and grow my business?

The answer is in the question and the very reason I have created Podpreneur.

A Podpreneur is an entrepreneur with a message who uses that message to grow. 

Then they share that growth to build relationships with trust, and solidify themselves as passionate and driven experts, in their respective fields.

Does any of this sound like you?

Then the Podpreneur Membership Program might be for you.


Your Podpreneur Membership Includes

  • Podpreneur Masterclass Live!
  • 1-On-1 Coaching Session
  • Membership Community Access
  • Live Monthly Masterminds and Workshops
  • Growing Resource Library

Annual Membership

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  • Unlimited Business & Podcasting Support
  • Ongoing Access to the Podpreneur Community 
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Annual Membership

Make a Commitment to Your Goals & Instantly Save




  • Unlimited Business & Podcasting Support
  • Ongoing Access to the Podpreneur Community 
  • Cancel Anytime